Train SANE is a revolutionary approach to fitness training. We stand by the maxim that LESS IS MORE! Founder, Debra Scheufler, has incorporated many years of dance, martial arts, bodybuilding and yoga training and teaching into a concise system of exercise to achieve the best results in the least amount of time. We incorporate the three pillars of complete fitness: strength, flexibility and endurance training into a one hour class. We use very basic equipment so that participants can even use the program at home and while traveling.

A triangle is one of the strongest and most stable structures in geometry and our logo represents the three pillars of fitness:

Strength: the purpose of resistance, or strength, training is not only to develop stronger muscles, but to create shape to the body, often referred to as “tone”. We help participants strive for lean, toned muscles, not for the bodybuilding stage, but for any stage of life!

Flexibility: we incorporate traditional and no-traditional stretching modalities into each workout to produce more stability around the joints, protect from injury, and decrease muscle soreness from workouts.

Endurance: endurance, or cardiovascular training strengthens the heart and lungs for a longer, healthier life but also gets participants into the fat burning range for leaner, healthier bodies.

Our Mission
Our goal is to make intelligent, effective fitness classes to everyone utilizing simple equipment that can be adapted to home or travel programs. We want our participants to feel confident and comfortable working out at any level of fitness or with most any limitation.